Pharmaceutical and other companies that supply products or provide services to the healthcare sector face the continuous challenge of adapting their target group approach to changing market conditions.

Market dynamics

Changing legislation and regulations, the increasing influence of financiers on sales prices or reimbursements, mergers and increasing competitive pressure, are incentives for managers to adjust their strategic vision on market sectors, organisational structures and on professions.

In order to meet the projected profits on an ongoing basis they must consider whether investing in a permanent presence on the market is justified or whether marketing-wise it would be better to opt for an adapted policy. Often this consideration affects staffing levels and the output of existing marketing departments and/or sales teams.

Company growth

Because of an increasing need for healthcare in combination with a wide offer of treatments or simply because of quality projects, companies have a prospect on more supplies and the provision of more services. Changing market conditions therefore offer managers many opportunities to increase their turnover and market share.

Interim marketing expert

How can companies in said circumstances remain visibly active in their markets and what offers them prospects of continuing success in sales to realise the necessary growth in turnover and profits?

Through the flexible use of interim marketing experts: independent professionals with a great deal of marketing- and sales experience!