Compounding pharmacies

Given the principle that each patient is unique one could establish that a suitable registered medicine is not always available for each patient. For customised patient care there is therefore a demand for unregistered medicines.

Magistral, unregistered, medicines are medicines that are prepared on the basis of a specific patient requirement from active substances and adjuvants. The preparation of magistral medicines is a unique legal right within the Dutch Medicines Act, reserved for BIG (the Netherlands register for healthcare professionals) -registered pharmacists.

Pharmacies that have under certain conditions specialised in the preparation and supply of unregistered medicines to fellow pharmacy owners or to other authorised care providers are know as large-volume compounding pharmacies. Besides hospital pharmacies there are also private pharmacies that act as large-volume compounding pharmacies.

Large-volume compounding pharmacies focus on, among other things:

  • individual preparations;  
  • non-sterile and sterile pharmacy stock preparation;
  • preparation of parenteral medication.

Companies to be named as an example within this wide framework and for which Mark has carried out work are Pharma Assist and Pharmaline.