Hospital care & home care

Hospital admission (hospital care) can be reduced for a patient or perhaps prevented through care in his or her home situation (home care).

Thanks to medical facility service providers, the effort of specialist teams and professional nurses, a great deal of sophisticated medical hospital technology can also be effectively applied at home.

The request for home care therapy with support by a medical facility service provider is drawn up by an applicant. This application is generally sent directly to the medical facility service provider for further processing.

These companies have made agreements with the health insurers of patients about the supply support of the required medical aids and accessories. 

Medical facility service providers are specialists in the supply of, among other things:

  • equipment;
  • medical aids;
  • ancillary services.

A company to be named as an example within this wide framework and for which Mark has carried out work is Calea (currently part of Mediq Tefa).