Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry researches, develops, produces and supplies medicines, usually on a global scale.

This sector can be subdivided into suppliers of:

  • innovative brand name medicines (specialities);
  • generic medicines (‘me-too drugs’).

Subsidiaries and Dutch companies act as importers and suppliers of medicines. Via these companies the products either go directly to pharmacy owners or via an intermediary or a pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Suppliers are often specialised in one or several therapeutic submarkets. Prescribers are care providers in primary (extramural), secondary or tertiary (intramural) healthcare.

Procurement of these medicines takes place among other things via tender procedures of health insurers and in the case of cooperating hospital pharmacies via procurement groups.

Companies to be named as an example within this wide framework and for which Mark has carried out work are  Bristol-Myers SquiBB, Zeneca (now AstraZeneca), Fresenius Kabi, Gilead Sciences and Claris Lifesciences.