Livit Orthopedie

Livit is a supplier of a comprehensive package of orthopaedic aids such as orthotic insoles and orthopaedic shoes (OS), braces, prostheses and orthoses (P&O), support bandages, therapeutic stockings (TEK) and so forth.

The delivery of products and services by Livit is focused on patients and their right to be able to move freely with the help of orthopaedic aids. Orthopaedic Advisers/shoemakers are ready to be of service daily to support these patients at their own premises, in hospitals and rehabilitation centres or in other healthcare institutions.

As an interim Process Manager OS I was responsible for the preparation and implementation of defined projects such as the:

  • introduction for use of a range of new produced orthotic insoles; semi-finished products (Schein) were replaced by milled versions (foam blocks from PLT)
  • preliminary work for the expansion of the range of orthopedic shoes Ambulo®
  • supply from stock of a selected range of orthopedic shoes Ambulo®
  • start of Livit’s participation to scientific research: dr. S. Bus (Amsterdam Medical Centre) ‘Diafos in practice; in shoe pressure measurement’ by using Novel’s Pedar X system
  • project based cooperation with colleagues from ICT for modifications of digital forms in electronic patient records (Infopath) and for range adjustments (Navision)
  • organization of meetings for orthopedic advisors/shoemakers, committees and so forth
  • development of samples, documents and minutes

For the above-mentioned objective, in the period September ’15 – January ‘16, I worked pleasantly and closely together with the Proposition Manager OS, the Operational Manager OS, the Orthopaedic Advisers/shoemakers , Team leader ICT and many others involved from Production, Customer Support and Distribution Centre.

With regard to my work activities I had to report to the Business Manager (member of the MT).