As a spin-off company from Dirinco, Citra-Gen develops and produces innovative products for central venous access for dialysis, hematology and oncology.

These medical aids such as dialysis catheters (Amecath®, Joline®), catheter locks (Citra-Lock S®), fistula needles (Bionic®), needlefree connectors (TEGO®), hemostatic gauze (Woundclot®) and other accessories constitute part of the current international recommended guidelines defined by physicians.

As interim product & sales manager I was among other things responsible for:

  • The product management and sales results of the above-mentioned products in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • The collaboration with two account managers as well as own sales activities targeted at specific customers in the Limburg region in the Netherlands and in the Flanders region in Belgium.
  • Product demonstrations for nursing staff of dialysis units.
  • The declaration of dialysis catheters at the Belgian RIZIV.
  • Quotations, correspondence and promotional communications.
  • Marketing consultations with and training by the mentioned suppliers.
  • Monthly meetings and reporting regarding the sales efforts and results.
  • Complaint management in collaboration with suppliers and the quality assurance department.

To realise the above-mentioned objectives, I have in the recent period maintained relations with Flemish dialysis physicians, nurses and hospital pharmacists and I have worked closely with the account managers of both countries, with colleagues from the secretary’s office, customer services, procurement and other parties involved.

With regard to my activities I reported to the directors/director-majority shareholders of Dirinco and Citra-Gen.