Allergan is a renowned, specialist pharmaceutical company that is a leader in ‘growth pharma’. Allergan supplies innovative medicines and medical devices for various therapeutic focus areas such as ophthalmology.

As interim ‘Retina’ product specialist I was for 15 months involved in activities regarding Ozurdex®, an intravitreal ready-to-administer injection solution. In the hospitals and independent treatment centres allocated to me I was responsible for sales and carried out activities such as:

  • Building and maintaining business relations with ophthalmologists, hospital pharmacists and other target group or committee members involved.
  • Providing product information and promoting the proper use of the medicine through personal conversations, clinical lessons, product demonstrations and administering instructions.
  • Initiating and dealing with request procedures for inclusion of Ozurdex® as an add-on medicine in hospital formularies, including price agreements for supply.


  • I took part in a medical training course, team meetings and sales training courses.
  • I represented Allergan by manning stands during regional or national symposia and conferences.

For the above-mentioned objective I cooperated successfully and with great pleasure with my ‘permanent’ colleague ‘Retina’ product specialist and the ‘Eyecare’ product manager and with regard to my activities I reported to our Ophthalmology business unit director.