Accord Healthcare

Accord Healthcare is a young, fast-growing pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development, production and supply of generic medicines for patients in primary or secondary care.

As interim product specialist I have in recent months been involved in activities regarding Injexate® (methotrexate), a prefilled syringe for subcutaneous delivery in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

On 1 July 2017, Accord Healthcare introduced Injexate® into the Dutch market and simultaneously health insurer Menzis implemented a preferential policy which designates Injexate® as the preferred product for its insured parties, i.e. patients with the medical condition described.

My responsibilities included/include:

  • Building and maintaining business relations with rheumatologists, rheumatic disease advisers, specialist nurses and with outpatient dispensaries and community pharmacists.
  • Explaining the policy change of Menzis and supervising the market introduction of Injexate®.
  • Providing product information and promoting the proper use of the medicine through personal conversations, product demonstrations and administering instructions.

For the above-mentioned objective I (have) cooperated successfully and with great pleasure with the responsible commercial manager for retail to whom I also reported regarding my activities.