Until recently, Apotex Nederland was a subsidiary of Canada’s largest pharmaceutical company of the same name.  Thanks to own registrations and the production of generic medicines in Leiden in the Netherlands (Rx, OTC/Private Label), Apotex makes a significant contribution to the availability, reliability and affordability of pharmaceutical care.

As interim Product/Project Manager Pharma, I was part of the Marketing & Portfolio team. In this position I supported colleagues from the sales department by means of internal projects and operational marketing activities focused on hospital and community pharmacists. Projects and activities involved:

  • strategy development and elaboration of plans aimed at supplying first and second-line medicines;
  • preparing single unit dose packaging for intramural use;
  • composing a core range of vial packaging, which is linked to the implementation of a state-of-the-art vial packaging line, for pharmacists that offer automated dose dispensing services;
  • giving advice on portfolio rationalisation on the basis of identified registrations;
  • cooperating with Apotex’s advertising agency regarding range overviews, advertisements, banners, displays, direct mailing and other promotional communications;
  • correspondence with customers about supply or loan agreements and order lists for displays;
  • writing in-house newsletters, working instructions for contracting and product specifications for bar coding.

Furthermore, I was responsible for the weekly work meetings with colleagues from the commercial departments and, depending on the projects, for project team meetings.

For the above-mentioned activities I worked closely together with the Marketing & Portfolio Officer Pharma and with colleagues from Sales, Customer Service and Regulatory Affairs.

With regard to my activities, I reported to the Marketing & Portfolio Manager