The objective of Europe’s largest supplier of parallel distributed/imported medicines is, through its supplies, to contribute to competition and as such to lower costs of medicines for local authorities and patients. This company is commercially active in several Europena countires where as all Scandinavian countries, in Germany and the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic.

To realise its ambition of increased ‘parallel’ supplies in European countries, the company also focuses on new markets.

For this purpose I, as an interim consultant, conducted a market analysis in Belgium into the possibilities of selling ‘parallel’ medication.

By means of available information from the authorities involved (FAGG, FOD Economie, RIZIV, KCE) and from stakeholders’ organisations (Pharma.be, VZA - Flemish Association of Hospital Pharmacists) I examined the registration procedures and regulations with regard to price setting and reimbursement.

In consultation with hospital pharmacists and via e-procurement I gathered lists of medicines to which the flat-rate financing system applies or does not and additionally assessed these by consulting medication databases (BCFI, RIZIV).

I incorporated the collected data in a report and explained the findings to the Hospital Department Manager.