Livit Orthopedie

Livit is a supplier of a comprehensive package of orthopaedic aids such as orthopaedic shoes (OS), orthotic insoles, prostheses and orthoses, braces, support bandages, therapeutic stockings and so forth.

The delivery of products and services by Livit is focused on patients and their right to be able to move freely with the help of orthopaedic aids.

Orthopaedic advisers are ready to be of service daily to support these patients at their own premises, in hospitals and rehabilitation centres or in other healthcare institutions. District managers inform, among others, orthopaedic surgeons, rehabilitation physicians and other professionals about products or services and work together on projects.

As an interim product manager and project manager I was responsible for, and contributed to, the market introduction of a new, own Livit line of orthopaedic shoes: Ambulo®.

Day-to-day business included managing resources and monitoring the planning process with regard to:

  • Product development and production.
  • Brand registration procedure, product launch and market introduction
  • Marketing and communication; advice documentation and promotional brochures.
  • Education and supervision.

For the above-mentioned objective, I worked pleasantly and closely together with the product manager OS, the outsource- (and production) manager, the marketing manager and her colleagues, the orthopaedic advisers, district managers and many others involved.

With regard to my work activities I had to report to the Care and Business Development Manager (member of the management team).