Pharmaline is a modern GMP-compounding pharmacy that provides pharmacy preparations for community pharmacies. The complete range includes officinal (stock) preparations as well as magistral (ad hoc, individual) preparations for the individual patient.

The range varies from creams and ointments, capsules and tablets, drops and liquids, injections and drips and related equipment such as elastomeric pumps and medication cassettes.

Pharmaline has a strategic vision on hospital pharmacy preparations and focuses on the service and supply of prepared medication to hospitals.

For this purpose I, as interim consultant, conducted a market analysis into the need for preparation support for hospital pharmacies and into the activities of regional high-volume compounding pharmacies.

The categories of medicine preparations upon which I focused chiefly involved:

  • sterile and non-sterile stock products;
  • preparation of parenteral medication.

Besides hospital pharmacies and their staff, medical specialists in operating theatres and intensive care units also formed part of the target group. The gathered data were processed in a report and were presented to the management team.