Rockmed Pharma

Rockmed Pharma provides innovative eye products to ophthalmologists and opticians. The range of eye products is divided into product categories such as ‘Cataract’, ‘Eye drops’ and ‘Visco elasticum’.

The products exclusively supported by Rockmed have been developed by renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers on the basis of the latest scientific insights and are characterised by quality and affordability.

An example of such a pharmaceutical manufacturer from the ‘Cataract’ product Group is Théa Pharma.

As key account manager for the ‘Surgical’ category I have during the past period on a project basis focused on:

  • Mydriasert user trials for preoperative mydriasis in cataract surgery;
  • Aprokam 50mg, as antibiotic prophylaxis of endophthalmitis after cataract surgery;
  • market information with regard to ‘cataract’ patient care protocols;
  • preparation for intracameral injection use of Aprokam (Cefuroxim 1mg/0.1ml);
  • supply agreements for all products mentioned and additionally for Monofree’s and Rockmed’s BSS

For the mentioned projects in Dutch hospitals I have maintained relations, in close collaboration with the responsible business unit manager or business development manager, with ophthalmologists, nurses of outpatient departments and with hospital pharmacists and their procurement assistants.

Regarding my planning schedule, contacts, findings and results I have regularly reported to the above-mentioned colleagues.