Svizera Pharma

As a partner of the Indian Claris Lifesciences, Svizera Pharma distributes generic medicines from its Dutch branch to Dutch hospital pharmacies and local sales organisations in various European countries.

As interim account manager, Mark focused on:

  • personal relations with coordinators of medicine procurement groups and with hospital pharmacies, with the aim of enhancing the professional image of Svizera as distributor and expanding the supply of Claris generic medicines;
  • written elaboration of requests for quotation and confirmations of agreed prices;
  • processing of distribution arrangements and the closing of supply agreements with wholesalers;
  • stock management for guaranteed supplies. The organisation of efficient distribution through planned order processing;
  • market and competition analysis for the purpose of new Claris registrations and products. Exploring the Belgian registration procedure, including price and reimbursement requests;
  • labelling and barcoding. Updating of product information in the Dutch drug database ‘G-standaard’ (Logic).