Unit Dose Pack

Unit Dose Pack (UDP), a subsidiary of Arseus, is a GMP-certified company specialised in the repackaging and relabelling of medicines. Producing medicine packaging for single use – UDP method – has as objective the identification and electronic registration of primary unit administering by means of a barcode and/or data matrix code (according to the GS1 standard)'.

Clients or customers are hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and medicine manufacturers.

As product manager I was involved in the development of UDP as an organisation and in contributing to the increase of the produced numbers of single use packaging (UDP method). Responsibilities and duties included:

  • Commercial coordination and operational activities for customers, in collaboration with account        managers of ACA Pharma (Arseus Belgium) and Spruyt-Hillen (Arseus the Netherlands).
  • Project-based collaboration with UDP colleagues involved in production planning, production, product development and quality.